Stolen Grace

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I so wanted to like this book and in parts I did. Stolen Grace PDF EBook But, I just didn't like Sylvia, one of the main characters and that took away from my enjoyment of the book. To me she was self absorbed and whinny. Her reaction and actions following the kidnapping of Grace were odd at best. As a mom myself I can't imagine being focused and absorbed with worry as to if my spouse still felt great passion for me while my child was MISSING!!!!!! Focus on finding your child and then worry if your husband still finds you hot. Grace was adorable and I really liked her chapters. I wish there had been more chapters about Grace and less about Sylvia. The other characters were good and I found myself cheering for them against Sylvia.... There were other parts of the book that also irritated me beyond belief but I can't go into detail without providing spoilers. Like this book? Read online this: Meet Cécile & Marie-Grace Exclusive Book Bundle, Just Grace and the Trouble with Cupcakes (Just Grace, #10).

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