Stop Obsessing!

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So unusual, a "self help" book that's thoroughly discomforting instead of reassuring. Stop Obsessing! PDF EBook And yet, the message here is undeniable: to get better, you have to allow yourself to feel miserable. Practice exposure instead of avoidance. Live in the distress and prevent yourself from relying on compulsive rituals. I don't know if I'll ever be ready, or have the time, to tackle something as intensive as the three- PDFweek program outlined in the last section. But I've been trying in little ways. This is not an emotional or soft book at all, it's very clinical, cold, almost heartless I would even say. But it's not here to make you feel better, it's here to make you recognize that acting out in compulsive ways only ever makes you feel better temporarily, and true relief only comes at the end of a very hard journey. Like this book? Read online this: Reading Makes You Feel Good, F-Stop.

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