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When you see a dragon carrying a dragon sized assault rifle, you know the fewmets have well and truly hit the fan. STORM PDF EBook..

When the dragon Kalenath vanished off the face of the fantasy world of Stratos - PDFending a millennia long war in the process- many people though of the dead hero as a prime candidate for godhood. After all, when a hero comes out of nowhere, saves a non-industrial society that had been using bows, swords and axes (and magic!) from an industrial one that had with tanks and airplanes -and all the fun stuff that goes with that- and dies saving the world, well...

Yeah, people are calling him a god. There is just one MINOR little problem.

He isn't dead. He is coming back and he has a mission.

Unfortunately, other people -good and bad- have missions as well. Many things have changed, but one thing remains the same:

Do NOT irritate a dragon.

I think many people have forgotten that. They will learn. One away... or another. Like this book? Read online this: Dragon Touch (Dragon-Reihe, Band 3) (German Edition), Taken by Storm.

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