Stray Bullets, Vol. 7

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This is the first volume of Stray Bullets where I noticed that the stories would not be nearly as entertaining without knowing the whole storyline. Stray Bullets, Vol. 7 PDF EBook One of the nice aspects about Lapham’s series is you can pick up anywhere and enjoy the story, but having already come to know the depth of these characters over several volumes made this story much more enjoyable than reading out of order.

The first issue of this volume focuses on Virginia Applejack who is trying to elude the police because of truancy issues. She sleeps in the alleyway and wanders around the city all day while waiting for Beth to return so she can figure out what to do. When she takes refuge with a stranger she meets at the record store, she and her friend Michael fall victim to a predator.

Lapham slowly reveals what becomes of the two children by telling the story entirely implicitly. The actions of the predator are alluded to in Virginia’s alter ego’s (Amy Racecar) issue. Racecar’s issue is the sequel to her first appearance, which takes place in outer space. Over the course of the issue, Racecar’s narrative breaks down almost entirely, as she confusedly comes to grips with the trauma she is blocking from her psyche—trauma the reader comes to understand as Virginia’s trauma.

The third story returns to the town of Seaside, where Virginia and Beth decide to make a new life together after Olsen’s death earlier in the series. It’s a nice bridge between the then and now and helps emphasize the bond between the two characters before separating them once again in the fourth story, which deals with Beth desperately trying to find Virginia after her abduction. Lapham presents Beth at rock- PDFbottom, at first afraid she has driven her young companion away, then terrified that something horrific has befallen her.

I’ve read volumes 1—7 (8 are available), and they keep getting better and better. Lapham’s ability to make the smallest of crimes stick with you (see the last panel of the last page of this book) is laudable. Volume 7 contains one of the darkest turns the series has taken thus far and it is far from concluded in the last issue. Like this book? Read online this: The Story Of Castles (Young Reading Series, 2), 100 Bullets Vol. 5.

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