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Elmer Rice wrote a play set in 1929 and it stayed there. Street Scene PDF EBook Let's be honest, Rice is kind of obsessive about ensuring every tiny detail of his work is played exactly how he imagined it when he wrote it. While Rice's enormously precise stage directions are not inherently a problem, they do not hold up well against time. The relative irrelevance of temporal plays after a couple of decades IS inherently a problem with extreme Realism, the mode in which this play was written. While this play was incredibly popular once it was adapted into an proto- PDFBroadway-style musical/opera, Rice's original just doesn't hold up. The characters, some of which are satirically over-dramatic stereotypes and some of which are seemingly complex and believable humans, are a confusing mess of farce and philosophy. Although Rice was attempting to point out then-relevant prejudices and hypocrisies of the lower middle class, what resulted is a disorienting barrage of gestures to ideologic puzzles. My biggest problem with this play is simply that you cannot read or watch it once and absorb all that Rice was trying to say. Sometimes a second encounter is not in the cards for some readers or viewers. While I'm not advocating that all plays should be immediately and entirely decipherable from the first encounter, I believe that an effective work of political art is at least clear about its endeavours. Of course, all this being said, Rice does have a knack for writing both types of characters: flat/farcical, and round/thoughtful. It is because of how expertly he writes both types that their mingling becomes confusing as you cannot tell them immediately apart. Rice has much to say about the economic structure in the USA, as well as about the relationships between gender and societal expectations. Rice gives both the lower class and women a voice in this play, as well as a representative from several minority groups in NYC in the early twentieth century. What is unfortunately problematic about this is that each group is given only one voice to speak for the whole, thus ascribing an entire culture's opinions to those of just one character.
This play is incredibly complex and bears a repeat encounter if it bears an encounter at all. Like this book? Read online this: Potato & Rice , Transformation Scene.

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