Stripped Again (Rock Her Curves, #2)

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Rock Her Curves #2
Don't miss the erotic and heart wrenching finale of Gunnar and Emily's story. Stripped Again (Rock Her Curves, #2) PDF EBook..

Gunnar is back... for more shows, more access, and more Emily.

Down Silent is back on the road and this time it's bigger than ever. The venues are bigger, the crowds are bigger, and the shows take on a life of their own. The media frenzy around Gunnar and Down Silent is swelling.

Emily watches each show, amazed at how Gunnar can portray a stereotypical rockstar every night and then be his true self with her. But as the tour rolls on, she sees changes in the sexy rockstar. He looks distant and angry, and once they are betrayed by someone close to the band, Gunnar ties Ex up, to show her what it's like to be him. She must escape to be with him or end up alone. Gunnar's sexual appetite is as fierce as ever but behind his eyes, the pain is overwhelming.

On top of everything, he hires a curvy woman who is just like Emily... and Emily can't help but notice the way Gunnar looks at her. She is reminded that maybe her time with Gunnar is limited. After all, he is a rockstar... is it possible to fall in love with a rockstar and settle down? Or will the road never end? Like this book? Read online this: Emily's Secret Book of Strange (Emily the Strange Graphic Novels, #2), Stripped.

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