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Love is rarely played more beautifully than to the heartfelt strings of sacrifice…

Thirty- PDFtwo year old Lachlan Hayes is a successful Hollywood screenwriter who’s just bought a beautiful but neglected house on the sea. Stripped Asset PDF EBook Words are his life; download; imagination his playground. But he’s never known love as more than a meeting of hungry bodies in the night.

Heath Isles is a twenty-seven year old landscape architect whose every moment is spent fighting for custody of his little brother. The work that pays for this legal battle is Heath’s life, giving his brother the future he deserves is his calling. But Heath’s never known true love as more than a common prelude to a common divorce.

When Lachlan hires Heath to renovate his beachfront property, a passion fierce and playful is alighted and a romance true and embattled is born.

Theirs is a story of irony, a story of when surrendering to the odds is love’s only hope of survival.

Theirs is a tale of a sacrifice made and kept.

Theirs is a song of hope and happy endings Like this book? Read online this: The Heath Government, 1970-1974, New Perspectives on Asset Price Bubbles.

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