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"Dad, tell us the story about. Stuff That Matters PDF EBook.. Our kids don't remember it." So I started writing down the stories about the incidents of my life that have impacted me, made a difference - PDF that have value: A legacy, not of goods or money, but of influence and of principles for life that have transferable value, the stuff that matters. Some of you reading these random, short stories are not directly related; download; some of you will have heard a few of them in one form or other - or are the subject of them. I make no apology. Some of you were there when they happened and some of you never knew it mattered to me. I want all you kids to know that great moments and valued experiences don't come from the complexities of life and sophisticated education, but from simple truths and day to day experiences - the ah-ha's of life. Or as your mother would say, the holy moments: the insightful times in our lives when we should say, Selah, that Hebrew word we find in the Bible, that means stop and pause and think on these things you have just read. This book is about the Selah moments in my life plus a few other incidents, stories and fun times - stuff that matters. James G. Watt - has lived a full life as Husband -'57; Father - '60; Christian - '64; and Grandfather - '82. He was born ('38) and raised in small rural Wyoming towns and educated at the University of Wyoming (BS '60, JD '62). His professional career included a host of US Government positions starting with a United States Senator from Wyoming and ended as President Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of the Interior. He practiced public interest law, started two public companies, was a consultant, professor, professional speaker and now teaches Sunday School and leads men's Bible study groups. Like this book? Read online this: Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life, More Stuff on My Cat.

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