Sullivan, That Summer

PDF EBook by Peni R. Griffin

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Cherry Forbes’s last summer at home starts off like a daydream. Sullivan, That Summer PDF EBook The screenwriter for her favorite cult show is housesitting for Cherry’s best yardwork customer, and she’s brought her girlfriend — Helen, the actress Cherry’s been crushing on all winter.

Helen wants someone to show her around town while Tricia works, and she’d rather let Cherry drive the Corvette than drive in a strange place. Better yet, when too many people start to recognize her, Helen needs Cherry to run interference.

With so much going so right, if Cherry starts to think maybe the biggest daydream of all might come true — Helen and her together, forever ... well, who can blame her?

But the initial pain of having her advances rejected turns to deep writhing embarrassment as Cherry realizes she's managed to protect Helen from all the raving fans but one. Like this book? Read online this: Cherry Pie, Gilbert and Sullivan.

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