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HealthStyle is the 21st Century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease and extending your lifespan. SuperFoods Audio Collection CD PDF EBook

If, up until now you have relied on luck, genetics and a few healthy practices to achieve this goal, SuperFoods HealthStyle will be your authoritative, engaging, introduction to a new, better, life. Like SuperFoods Rx, the authors' bestselling book, SuperFoods HealthStyle takes the most recent, cutting- PDFedge, research on what lifestyle practices have actually been proven to achieve disease prevention and improve daily functioning — both physically and mentally — and translates this information into simple recommendations that you can use to improve your physical and mental health now and in the future. It is about making simple, but significant changes to get the most out of life for the rest of your life.

SuperFoods Rx is based on a simple but profound premise: some foods are dramatically better than others for our health and longevity.Steven Pratt, M.D., witnessed the positive results that occurred when his patients changed their diets to include certain powerhouse foods — those he has identified as SuperFoods. Backed by research on 14 of the most nutrient-dense foods, this audio gives you the tools to more energy, protection against disease, and a healthy lifestyle. Like this book? Read online this: The Power of Superfoods, The Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Audio Collection.

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