Survival Sewing

PDF EBook by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

EBook Description

Has a rip ruined your favorite shirt? Did a button pop off minutes before that important interview? Don’t worry; download; with this “survival kit” in hand, you’re ready to handle any sewing emergency. Survival Sewing PDF EBook Not only does it have a book with all the fundamentals, but tucked inside a pocket are all the tools you’ll need: needles, buttons, thread, fusible adhesive, small scissors, and more. And it really starts right at the very beginning, with how to thread a needle; which basic stitches to use and how to do them; how to pin a garment; and how to tie a knot that actually holds. And for those disasters that inevitably happen when you’re in a rush, there’s smart tips on how to make a repair in nanoseconds. Like this book? Read online this: The Hand That Holds Mine, Fashion Sewing.

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