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Swimming Across tells the story of Andrew Grove, a Jew living in Hungary during the time period of World War II. Swimming Across PDF EBook Although he doesn't experience the treachery that some Jews experienced at concentration camps, he still goes through hardships.


This book was pretty interesting and I read it fast compared to how quickly I thought I was going to get through it. There were parts when I couldn't put it down and parts where I just wanted to stop all together. I felt that some of the experiences that Andrew included weren't important to tell and kind of took away from the story, and I also felt that there were some things that he mentioned a couple times and I just thought to myself "haven't I read this part before?"

But overall, I felt that it was informative and I liked the easy format in which it was set- PDFup, so you always knew what part of his life you were reading about. Usually books I read for school are torturous, but this one was right in the middle for me. Like this book? Read online this: Let's Go! 4 Easy-to-read Books, Championship Swimming.

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