Sword and Sorceress IV

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Enemies unseen...supernatural creatures...wizards travelling down a darker path...thieves stealing from powers beyond their mastery... sword bearers called to a greater war...these are just some of the elements brought together in this latest sorcerous brew of spellbinding excitement and adventure, specially concocted under the direction of the Wise Woman of Darkover herself, Marion Zimmer Bradley.

So heed this latest call to arms, and prepare to march to magical wars with such powerful spell casters and sword swingers as Jennifer Roberson, Charles de Lint, Diana Paxson, Richard Corwin, and their comrades in creation of wonderful worlds replete with myth and menace, where courageous women test their talents against the deadliest and most diabolical of foes.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress series has always featured the best in contemporary women's fantasy, and this outstanding new volume carries on the tradition! These original stories of brave, talented, and heroic women will take readers through enchanted realms of the imagination into danger both physical and mystical, where the only way to survive is through the power of sword and spell.

Introduction · download; Marion Zimmer Bradley
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The Ring of Lifari · Josepha Sherman
Rite of Passage · Jennifer Roberson
The Eyes of the Gods · Richard Corwin
Fate and the Dreamer · Millea Kenin
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Redeemer's Riddle · Stephen L. Burns
The Tree-Wife of Arketh · Syn Ferguson
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Storm God · Deborah Wheeler
Die Like a Man · L.D. Woeltjen
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