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Fantasy – the very word suggests unfettered imagination, limitless possibilities. Swords of the Rainbow PDF EBook All too often, however, it merely presages the endless repetition of identical fantasies. Amnesiac princes named Jared or Jharet or Gharad, all with evil, usurping twins…

No, thanks.

Swords of the Rainbow provides a bright reminder of everything that once seemed promising about the genre. Escapist fare unbound by traditional mores? Is it surprising that queer writers would be attracted?

“The Tale of Small Sarg,” an excerpt from one of Samuel R. Delany’s Neveryon books, reprises many of that author’s major preoccupations: the gradual restructuring of human consciousness known as civilization; download; the effect of the development of commerce on early cultures; and, of course, slave boys. Delany remains a master, his dazzling wordplay as allusive as ever, but if a Delany story does provide the anthology with a definite literary cachet, it also sets the bar high. What’s astonishing is not that some of the selections appear simplistic in contrast to Delany’s formidable complexity, but that many do not.

For instance, Jewelle Gomez offers a new entry to her The Gilda Stories. Her heroine – an African- PDFAmerican lesbian vampire – appears here in a blending of genres: horror, science fiction, and sword & sorcery. In “Houston” (pronounced like the Manhattan street, not the Texas city), Gilda displays the oxymoronic longevity of the undead as she survives technology itself, emerging from her grave to do battle in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Actually, many of these tales are set either in a distant future or some alternative reality, and the fact that others appear to be taking place during a historical period that defies identification is ameliorated by the recurrent suggestion that they may not necessarily be occurring on this planet (which nicely obviates the need for any convincing grasp of period detail). One of the more evocative of these trans-dimensional tales is “Ounces” by Dorothy Allison, a tensely Byzantine account of vicious female pirates and male slaves, thoroughly medieval in flavor while replete with high-tech weaponry.

But not all the plots have steel at their hearts. A. J. Potter’s “Birthmarked” and Jean Stewart’s “The Queer Avenger” add effective touches of humor and glamour. “Swan’s Braid” by Tanya Huff, about a thieving wench who becomes smitten with a warrior woman, proves deliciously romantic. And Mel Keegan’s “Breakheart” – though it does feature a bloody showdown in the snow – mostly concerns the passions of a fallen lord and his devoted slave boy.

Again with the slave boys! Virtually all the selections boast potently homoerotic aspects… to the point where it becomes difficult to imagine how the various mythical kingdoms maintain their base populations.

Gnomes and dragon riders and fabulous quests, even a couple of gay shapeshifters coupling in a sylvan glen – what’s wrong with a little escapism? Swords of the Rainbow offers a trip to fabled lands where love and valor still conquer all – an important reminder of innocent virtues (all the hot sex notwithstanding).
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