Taken! (Blaze) (Blaze) (Temptation , No 698)

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Taken! by Lori Foster

IT WAS FOR HER OWN GOOD. Taken! (Blaze) (Blaze) (Temptation , No 698) PDF EBook..

If he'd thought she would come quietly, security expert Dillon Jones wouldn't have used his "special" skills to kidnap her.

But the notorious Virginia Johnson was a fighter, and Dillon had the black eye to prove it. He couldn't help wondering how she would act in the throes of passion ... how it would be to take her body and soul....

His code of honor wouldn't allow it, of course. Not even when she begged him. Like this book? Read online this: There's Nothing That I Wouldn't Do If You Would Be My POSSLQ, Heating Up The Holidays (Harlequin Blaze, #435) (Harlequin Blaze, #435) (American Heroes: The Firefighters, #3).

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