Tales from the Wasteland

PDF EBook by Paul Collins

EBook Description

Collection of short horror, science fiction and fantasy stories for 12 to 15 year olds. Tales from the Wasteland PDF EBook Topics include a sinister pharmacist, a sword- PDFwielding apparition, vanishing ink and mind control.

Another Rumour from the Wasteland – Gary Crew
Invisible Ink – Pamela Freeman
That Old Black Graffiti – Robert Hood
The Greening – Allan Baillie
Tomorrow When It Came – Archimede Fusillo
The Experiment – Jenny Pausacker
Avalon – Brian Caswell
Rock'n'Roll Heaven – Paul Collins
Real Horror – Bill Condon
Time Flies – Meredith Costain
Frontiers – Ivan Suthall
The Morgue – Lucy Sussex
The Trap – Christine Harris
Bells Underwater – Sophie Masson
The Weatherman – David Metzenthen Like this book? Read online this: The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012, The Breeder (Wasteland #3).

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