Taste (The Consumption Trilogy, #1)

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“You know I’m not a religious person, Ruth, and I’ve never seen a ghost or a devil in my life. Taste (The Consumption Trilogy, #1) PDF EBook But the first time I saw Bruce was probably the closest I ever came to feeling the presence of something higher than me. Or at least… other.”

Experience TASTE, a tale about the madness of true love and the dangers of obsession. And when you find out just how far Marah goes to win her man's heart, you'll never view love at first sight the same way again.

This story is Part I of a trio of stories. Experience Bruce's side of the story with "Sweetness," Part II, and finish off this harrowing meal with "Delicacy," Marah's final word, coming in August 2013. Like this book? Read online this: Don't Come Back! A True Love Story., The Sociology of Consumption.

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