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I’ve finished reading the vast majority of this for an online class I’m assisting with at uni for pre- PDFservice teachers. Teaching PDF EBookThis is such a good book.It is simply written.It is comprehensive.And it covers in quite some depth the kinds of things pre-service teachers are likely to be most concerned about (how to maintain a productive classroom and how to be both a teacher and a teacher/researcher).The section on how to maintain order in the classroom was particularly good.Reflective practice is the key concept here.The book also provides an excellent introduction to education theorists, particularly Piaget, Vygotsky, Dewey and even Skinner.It also introduces pre-teachers to social inequity and disadvantage in another chapter that was a highlight of the text and how education is often portrayed as the most effective means of overcoming inequity and disadvantage.It gives a much more complex picture of this process, particularly in relation to education of people with special needs.What a sick society we are that we have to keep such boundaries between people – ‘right, the old over there, children over here behind this wall until you can shut up, and the botched and bungled, umm, well, maybe somewhere out-of-sight’.An excellent book which I wish we had used at Melbourne Uni when I was doing my pre-service teacher training.
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