Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy

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I read this book with the hope that it would give me some insight into a academic research project that I am working on. Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy PDF EBook So I was mining it for information that would be of use to me, and looked at it from that rather skewed perspective.

It is a well written book; download; Pillar makes assertions and then backs them up with examples, and other evidence. Although I found it to be useful in terms of references etc, it does not read as piece of academic writing. It is engaging, and informative.

I have only two concerns, and they are not major. I do not think that Pillar covers the historical context of many of his case studies adequately, but perhaps that is asking too much of him. The book is approximately 250 pages long, I doubt very much that he would have wanted a thousand- PDFpage book.

The second is that he has so much to say, he really packs it all in. Despite its denseness, the book is quite readable, assuming that you're actually interested in the subject.
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