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Within Terrorist Trail are both new intelligence and tactical technique for winning the War on Terror. Terrorist Trail PDF EBook This heavily illustrated book covers not only urban mantracking procedures, but also how the West's best counterguerrilla fighters operated. That is not the British in Malaysia, but rather Rhodesia's Selous Scouts. If there is a Chinese/Islamist coalition, then the U.S. has a bigger problem than is being publicly acknowledged. If that coalition is additionally using proxy- PDFapplied 4th-Generation warfare (that which occurs in martial, political, economic, and psychological arenas simultaneously), then the U.S. may be very close to losing the first two rounds of a extra-low-intensity global conflict. It will continue to fare poorly unless it can somehow advance beyond its own favorite style of warfare a high-tech variant of the 2d-Generation. The current conflict is one in which providing basic services to an afflicted people is more important than killing the terrorists among them. The most difficult-to-furnish of those basic services is local security. Without it, the Communists and Islamists will simply win all the elections. It cannot be generated by motorized patrol or well-directed bomb. It can only be provided by a few U.S. service personnel who live among the indigenous soldiers and police in each neighborhood or village. Instead of occupiers, they become foreign-aid workers in the law enforcement sector. At present, U.S. infantrymen receive no unconventional warfare training. Therefore, they lack the prerequisite mantracking and escape and evasion skills to safely accomplish such a mission. This type of training costs nothing. Perhaps that's why learning to operate thenew equipment has always taken priority. Like this book? Read online this: Ancient Chinese Warfare, How to Break a Terrorist.

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