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It's not every day that I have to underline and place an exclamation mark next to almost every paragraph of a book. Testing Scripture PDF EBook From the outset the author rejects inerrancy, even calling the notion of an inerrant text idolatry, and then continues on to advocating lectio divina, undermining much of the Old Testament, butchering Genesis, mythologising pretty much everything miraculous in the Old and New Testaments by calling it symbolic, questioning Jesus Christ as the Son of Man (and the Son of God), rejecting objective moral values, claiming many of Jesus Christ's miracles were made up, claiming angels were really just "messengers", claiming that references to hell are merely "extreme expressions" which were a Semitic tendency, representing Jesus Christ's miracles as manifestations of human powers or natural events, rejecting the Virgin Birth, and problematising the authorship of pretty much every book of the Bible. Basically, at the end of the book you'll be left wondering whether this really was written by a Christian with the intention of being read by other Christians. If you are new to Christianity or are having doubts (or if you're not a Christian at all and are looking to read more about it) then I would not recommend this book to you as you'll be left with far more questions than answers. Though, if you are into postmodernism then you may really like this book; download; it's just not my thing. Like this book? Read online this: A Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ, Scripture in the Church.

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