The '44 Vintage

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A few weeks after D- PDFday the German army in the West is retreating, with the British and the Americans in hot pursuit. The '44 Vintage PDF EBook But Major O'Conor, ex-liaison officer with the Yugoslav Partisans, is conducting his own private war. As he leads his hand-picked team of ruthless fighters deep behind the German lines, it becomes clear that he regards French Resistance units and British Intelligence agents as more dangerous to his mission than the Germans.

So it is unfortunate for him that two interpreters attached to his task force happen to be Second-Lieutenant Audley and Corporal Butler, already revealing the cunning and resourcefulness that, in earlier novels, has taken them to the very top of their field.

Major O'Conor's startling objective remains unknown to everyone except himself until the final pages - where a shattering surprise lies in store. Like this book? Read online this: Task Force (Recon Team Angel #2), Going Vintage.

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