The A-List Collection (The A-List, #1-3)

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This series has to be my favorite book series. The A- PDFList Collection (The A-List, #1-3) PDF EBook It is an everyday story about high school girls and drama, similar to Gossip Girl and other shows seen on television. In this story, the reader follows a group of girls that are of the highest society of Beverly Hills, California. Not only is it exciting to follow them through their shopping adventures, Beverly Hills Hotel brunches, or celebrity friendships, but reading about drama and waiting for what happens next gives any reader the ultimate sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat curiosity. As cliche as the books sound, many girls (and some guys, of course) love reading teenage dramas. Not only are they exciting, but the reader has a slight understanding of what its like to be part of the rich and the famous. They also to find that being an average teenager that lives in a small town is not so different from those who live in the 90210. I would recommend this book to high school girls. Like this book? Read online this: Hot Girls with Big Boobs (Sexy Picture Book) (Sexy Picture Book): Photos of Hot Girls (Girls with Big Breasts Book 2), The To-Do List.

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