The Adventures of Ben Gunn

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In the forward to his re- PDFreadable tale about pirates, Delderfield explains his reasons for writing from the perspective of Ben Gunn :

"I remember so well the occasion I first read Treasure Island. The Adventures of Ben Gunn PDF EBookIt was one of those grey summer evenings ... and I was alone in the house.
"Since that far-off day I have reread Treasure Island at least once a year.

"Last year, when my daughter Veronica was ten, and my son Paul was eight, I read Treasure Island aloud to them ... After the third reading the questions began, a spate from each of them.

"Paul's were routine questions.What happened to the three mutineers marooned on the island?Did anyone ever find the arms and bar silver?How did Ben Gunn stumble on the treasure by accident?

"Veronica's were less direct.What made a promising man like Silver bad in the first place?Did it hurt when his leg was 'amytated?' Who owned the old wreck in North Inlet, where 'flowers bloomed on deck like a garding?'Why did good friends like Hands and O'Brien fight to the death in the cabin?And, above all, how did a dear harmless creature like Benn Gunn become a pirate in the first place?

"Those questions were by no means new to me.I had been pondering them nearly thirty years and had even sought the opinion of fellow Treasure Islanders, without obtaining any satisfactory answers.At forty-plus there was only one thing to do: answer them myself."

If you haven't previously read Delderfield, this isn't his best, but it is entertaining and might appeal to readers of somewhat old fashioned stories. Like this book? Read online this: Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Prince & the Pauper.

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