The Adventures of Monkey

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I kind of regret buying this book. The Adventures of Monkey PDF EBookI thought it looked like a fun little read when I saw it in the mythology section, so I picked it up (several years ago).

Why regret it when I enjoyed it?I could have enjoyed MORE of it.You see, I found out much later that Monkey is an abridged version of Journey to the West.This is one of the four classic Chinese novels.I've read (and generally loved) the other three: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, and Dream of Red Mansions.Now I've read an abridged version of the last one, when I would have much preferred to read the full unabridged text.I'll still have to do that at some point.

Still, I can recommend this book pretty enthusiastically to some people at there.Reading the other three books mentioned above, I undoubtedly tried to sell you on them (directly or indirectly).Perhaps you were even a bit interested.

However, I recognize that the other three, thousand+ page monsters can be pretty intimidating, particularly since they feature so many characters with names that are difficult to pronounce and keep straight if you are not particularly familiar with Chinese names.Monkey is only about three hundred pages, and style wise is a much easier read as well.There are fewer important characters, and they have more easily pronounced/remembered names (Monkey and Pigsy being two of the main four characters).This story is also quite a bit more of a folk tale than the others, so it remains noticeably simpler.That said, it retains the very classic style that I haven't seen anywhere besides these Chinese novels.The charmingly formal well that people address one another (even the taunts before battles are formalized in a very unique way).This would be a great book to use as your trial run into classic Chinese literature, and if you enjoy the general style of it, you will enjoy the style of the longer and more difficult books as well. Like this book? Read online this: Chinese Paradise-The Fun Way to Learn Chinese (Student's Book 1B), Monkey Fun.

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