The Affluent Society

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Oh, for fuck's sakes, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Is this a never- PDFending revival of the Dunciad? This ain't rocket science, for Christ's sakes—we've cottoned a shitload of the green-googly-moogly in the decades since the Great Slump, so why can't we apply the lessons we've learned from this gigantic laissez-faire clusterfuck? Goddamn greedy, overly ripe, crumb-lipped mall-mutts, I'd love to crack your fucking spongiform shells together to let in some oxygen! A progressive system of taxation, social safety nets and impartially administered regulatory agencies, with targeted government expenditure upon boring shit like education, transportation and communication networks, skills development, and leisure opportunities are all steps in the right fucking direction: to find that sweet spot, always tweaking and adjusting as necessary, to spread that whoresonned wealth around, keep the disparity to a minimum, whilst always realizing that we are moving into a new form of industrialized capitalism where consumption is king; download; in other words, shitheads, our economy is in a perpetual state of evolution, and we must evolve our policies along with them, with an ultimate goal of having the vast, unimaginable wealth our productivity, resources, infrastructure, global position and considerable fortune have bestowed upon our short-term-memory-riddled heads spread as equitably as possible, fueling small business growth, avoiding creativity-killing and stagnant monopolies, and enlarging the middle-fucking-class, those roseate, nauseous butterballs whose very size indicates the fucking health of a nation's economic state. The Affluent Society PDF EBook Fucking assholes, wake the fuck up and figure out what the fuck is going on. Jesus H. Fucking Christ, I keep pointing this shit out and you tosspot pickle-ticklers, you thick-witted, cross-eyed Mary's, you tube-glued, gelatinous fuck-weevils keep screwing the goddamn pooch. I'm getting by-Christly fucking tired of spinning this particular mother-loving record, numbnuts. Wake up! Like this book? Read online this: Tit Fucking An Older Woman, Society (includes Study Guide for Society: The Basics) (10th Edition).

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