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The Archetype of Initiation is a solid, short, readable and deep overview of the initiation process. The Archetype of Initiation PDF EBook The book is written primarily from a psychological perspective but the application for the material goes well beyond that. Moore does a great job summarizing previous work done in this field, as well as advancing his own ideas. If you've never studied the initiation process, this is a great place to start.

For me, the highlights of the book were Moore's discussion of liminality, sacred space and the role of ritual in initiation. It's on these topics that the material really transcends its psychological context. That's not to say that there isn't a psychological component to the discussion. There definitely is. But each of those topics also has a deeply spiritual side that, I believe, gives us insight into how God created humanity, general revelation and the transformative process God desires all of us to go through.

Despite all the good stuff, I do have a couple of gripes with the book. First, there's a fair amount of repetition throughout. That's understandable given that this is a collection of Moore's essays and lectures, but it gets a bit annoying at times.

Second, although Moore and I have a great deal of common ground in our worldviews there are several places where we have to part company. Moore values Christianity, and I believe would consider himself a Christian, but it's obvious reading the book that he sees Christianity as just one path to "the center". In short, he's no evangelical and his views take him well outside orthodox Christianity. In Moore's world, faith bows to psychology, not the other way around. For as much as I love most of Moore's psychological perspective, I can't go along with that arrangement.

I certainly don't mind reading opposing view points. In fact, I think doing so is a healthy experience. However, it doesn't change that I ultimately have to see Moore's perspective as being less than it could have been. This becomes especially troubling in the last chapter when he basically calls for a one world religion. It's there that it becomes obvious that the religion Moore endorses is a sort of vague spirituality. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. are welcome to be a part of that spirituality provided they don't make any claims to exclusivity. In other words, you can be a Christian as long as you don't really believe in Christianity. That's a huge and irreconcilable disagreement I have with Moore. The fact that it becomes so explicitly pronounced in the final chapter is the reason I'm forced to knock this one down to four stars.

My gripes aside, the book is brilliant and we need to pay attention to what it says. If we fail to recapture the initiation process, our culture is in big trouble. The Archetype of Initiation is a flawed, but brilliant, work that needs to be both read and applied. Like this book? Read online this: The Other Wes Moore, Archetype Attachment Analysis.

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