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Bryan Talbot is certainly an accomplished artist, having begun his career in the early 70s as part of the UK underground comix scene and having risen to work on such titles as 2000AD, Hellblazer, Batman, and Sandman, so the respect he gets is well deserved. The Art of Bryan Talbot PDF EBookIt is also clear, especially after flipping through this book, that Talbot has greatly refined his art over the last three decades and that he's capable of drawing or painting some very complex, detailed scenes while retaining cohesiveness.

However, I'm not a big fan of the guy's output.His style is rooted in the psychedelic fantasy and SF of underground comix from years past, stuff that I've always felt was unfortunately cheesy.The only art of his that I really enjoy is in his book The Tale of One Bad Rat, and that is likely because he worked from photo references for both characters and scenery.This survey of his artwork cemented that fact in my mind - PDF his stuff just isn't for me. Like this book? Read online this: The Songs of John Michael Talbot, Transcribed By Phil Perkins, Bryan Adams.

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