The Art of the Princess Mononoke

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Another great art book. The Art of the Princess Mononoke PDF EBook This was the second Miyazaki movie I saw, the first one being "Lupin III- PDF Il Castello di Cagliostro", and after this one I had to see them all (which I did). My love for Miyazaki's animation goes further back in time. When I was little I watched on TV the post-apocalyptic anime series "Future Boy Conan", or to be precise the Italian dubbed version "Conan il Ragazzo del Futuro" (we on the Adriatic coast used to turn our analogue antennas towards the neighboring Italy- watched obscene amounts of anime that way). Every time someone asks me which was my favorite anime series, the immediate answer is Conan. And let's be clear, I watched everything and anything: from girl stuff such as Candy Candy, series with robots, aliens, animals (like Kimba the White Lion), historical (Lady Oscar-The Rose of Versailles), cross-dressing (Princess Knight, well "Oscar" fits here as well),space adventures (Captain Harlock, Star Blazers, Starzinger, Robotech), magical girls (Creamy, Emi, Gigi, Bia, you name it), witches, sports (soccer, baseball, boxing, volleyball, golf, basketball and professional wrestling-Tiger Mask), horror, martial arts (karate, kung-fu, judo), vampires, alternate dimensions, magical worlds, classic's adaptations (like Little Women or Anne of Green Gables, the latter also Miyazaki's) ninjas, samurais and formidable warriors/fighters/heroes sagas (like Dragon Ball or Ken il Guerriero - Fist of the North Star)....lost myself here (What was I saying?) ... yes ... , still ... Conan is the favorite anime series from my childhood or ever (love those old anime more than the new ones). I know this is a review of the "Mononoke" art book, but since I never found a " Conan" art book, and the series was the sole culprit for my love for Mr. Miyazaki's work, I just had to mention it during my marathon through his art books. Like this book? Read online this: Star Wars Episode 1 (Step into Reading Books Series: A Step 2 Book) (Jedi Readers Series), Princess in Waiting (The Princess Diaries, #4).

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