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I wanted to read his book because I heard the author talking about it on NPR. The Asylum PDF EBook In the interview, Mr. Doingn was hilarious and charming. The book itself, may be great to someone who is into fashion and knows who all the people are that he talks about; download; it was less interesting for a non- PDFfashionista like me. The parts that aren't all about big names in the fashion world were sometimes very amusing. The line where he's talking about "plus size" women and refers to a model with measurements of 35-26-36 (that's like a size 8 maybe?) as a "larger gal" and "flesh positive" made me stop reading for good. In the fashion world, I suppose a size 8 appears huge next to the usual 0 size models, but ... Referring to "the fleshy abundance" of a size 8? Really? That chapter ended, though, with an encouragement to the fashion designers of the world to not "remain oblivious to the opportunity represented by the growing, and I do mean growing, number of fashion-starved broads who are size 12 and rising ... Bigger broads need designer clothes too." So it wasn't all bad. Like this book? Read online this: Size Matters Not, Blue Asylum.

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