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This is not a deep, heavy work, it is intended to be an overview of languages around the world - PDF an Atlas of Languages. The Atlas of Languages PDF EBook It takes each continent and describes the languages found there, starting with Europe and Eurasia, then South and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the Pacific, Australia, the Americas and then Pidgins and Creoles.

You would be amazed at the way that different languages look at different things, from the word order of a sentence to the way nouns relate to verbs (trythe Ergative case if you want something to try and figure out). The scope of the book brings into focus the relationships among language groups: I was very well acquainted with the Indo-European language family, having devoted years of graduate school to its study, but the others are equally as fascinating. So are the isolates - one can only imagine how wide-spread Basque may have been prior to the arrival of Indo-European speakers to Iberia a millennium BC. For that matter, where did Korean come from. Or would it surprise you to know that all the polynesian languages (Tongan, Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian, etc.) all had their roots on the island that is now Taiwan and are cousin languages to the languages of Philippines, Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia and the minority languages of Viet Nam and Cambodia.

This book might not be for everyone, but anyone that is interested in how languages relate to each other, it is the best and most approachable introduction I have found. Like this book? Read online this: Languages and Their Speakers, The Mongolic Languages.

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