The Badlands, #2 of 2

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Book Two in the Badlands Duology dealt with Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine. The Badlands, #2 of 2 PDF EBookThe Voyager novella was the better of the two, serving as a prequel of sorts for the series.The characterization is excellent, and the Cardassians once again steal the show (though I might be slightly biased).

The Deep Space Nine novella took place at the beginning of the Dominion War.Though the characterization was again fantastic (and the voices of Dax and Odo captured PERFECTLY), the ending felt anti- PDFclimactic.We finally learn what it is causing the "Badlands curse," and there's some good politically intrigue.But I don't think the author likes Romulans very much — they have the worst luck with their ships... Like this book? Read online this: Rising Son (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, #52), Navigating the Badlands.

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