The Best Christmas Present in the World

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This is a book which renews your faith in man kind!
This is a very small gem of a book, everyone should own. The Best Christmas Present in the World PDF EBook
This is designed as a children's book which covers every generation no matter if you are 5 or 105 years old.
The illustrations are done beautifully in water colour.
The story is based in a hidden letter found in an old desk.
The letter is from a British Army Officer written to his wife on 26th December 1914 about his amazing experience on Christmas day when the German Army requested a day of peace. Not only that, they came over to the British line offering to share their Christmas rations and drinks! This was followed by a few games of football, chatting to one another and realising how much they all had in common, the want of peace and to be back with their own families. The officers agreed that all wars should be sorted by playing football, as no one is made fatherless or widows, no lives are lost this way.(oh how true!)
Both sides sang their Christmas carols in their own languages and wished each other a merry Christmas, and all the very best for the future before returning to their own trenches. This made such an emotional impact with the British men that day.
The gentleman who discovered the letter on Christmas Eve decides to try and reunite the letter to it's owner who did not live too far away.
The address led the gentleman to a home gutted by fire, but a local man knows the lady now lives in a retirement home, which he finds.
The letter is reunited with the Army Officers wife. Her husband never made it back from the war.The old lady asks for the letter to be read by this gentleman.As this letter is read out to her, this letter feels like it was being in her husband's voice at last. This lady has no family, friends or visitors, she was 101 years old and was waiting for her husband to come home to read this letter to her!
You can see on the last page standing in the shadows an Army Officer walking up to give her his letter of love, and to share his amazing Christmas ever with his wife who is waiting for him.
This book won The Children's Laureate award for Literature 2003- PDF2005, plus a list of other wards too!This book deserves this top award!!!!
This book has only 38 pages, and most of them are beautifully illustrated.
Being ex army myself, this book will be forever kept close to my heart!
There is always hope!
I hope others will pick up this book, even just once to experience the magic and beauty of this very special books.
This may turn out to be my favourite book of all time! Like this book? Read online this: A Letter to My Friends, A Magical Christmas Present.

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