The Best in Tent Camping

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If you subscribe to the opinion that televisions, Japanese lanterns, and electric guitars are not essential camping equipment, The Best in Tent Camping should be your constant companion. The Best in Tent Camping PDF EBook The Best in Tent Camping: The Southern Appalachian & download; Smoky Mountains is a guidebook for tent campers who like quiet, scenic, and serene campsites. It's the perfect resource if you blanch at the thought of pitching a tent on a concrete slab, trying to sleep through the blare of another camper's boombox, or waking to find your tent surrounded by a convoy of RVs. Painstakingly selected from hundreds of campgrounds in eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia, and western North and South Carolina, each campsite is rated for beauty, noise, privacy, security, spaciousness, and cleanliness. Each campground profile provides essential details on facilities, reservations, fees, and restrictions, as well as an accurate, easy- PDFto-read map making the campground a snap to locate. Like this book? Read online this: The Tent, The Red Tent.

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