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The contents are divided into "Social Life," "Sports & download; Pastimes," "Industry," "Getting from A to B," and "War. The Best Of Heath Robinson PDF EBook" Most of the "Industry" drawings are in the other Heath Robinson book I have been lucky enough to read, The Gentle Art of Advertising, so I suspect that there's nothing new in this book if you have already seen his more specialized collections.

My parents have had this book for as long as I can remember, and some of the pictures made a great impression on me as a child — for instance the ones that must be from How To Live in a Flat are never far from my thoughts when I consider how to arrange the furniture in my own small living quarters, wishing for tables suspended from the ceiling and a foot- PDFoperated lever by which I can start a hot bath running while still in bed.

Another favorite that I always consider while blowing up my own bicycle tires is "The puncture," a beautifully (or perhaps grotesquely) detailed scene depicting the dangers of overinflation.

I was never very interested by the War section as a child, but now, having read a great deal of sad, ironic, and cynical literature from the Great War, I found it a lovely change to behold it all as a Heath Robinson contraption. His battlefields look like the golf courses found earlier in the book; his trenches are so squarely built that 'The trench-sealer' can straddle them on its caterpillar treads, unrolling a long canvas behind it which two men, suspended from a hook, can tack down over the heads of the protesting German soldiers.

I wonder if Heath Robinson ever visited any battlefields or training grounds the way he did factories and dockyards before drawing them. It seems that these war pictures were well received. Apparently he wrote an autobiography, My Line of Life — I really want to read that now and learn his thoughts about what he drew. Like this book? Read online this: 60 Scholastic Little Leveled Readers Learn to Read Preschool Kindergarten First Grade Children's Book Lot (15 Books Each in Levels A, B, C, and D), The Heath Government, 1970-1974.

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