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Here they are: the signature stories of the fearless and fearful writers of journalism on the edge. The Best of Rolling Stone PDF EBook More than 600 pages of original writing from writers who knew that no subject is out of bounds as they carelessly broke the rules (which Miss Ester Balane and Cecilia R. Lana are proud sticklers to) in the process of finding a new and deeply personal way of telling a story.
All the bad, and therefore good, beasties are here, From David Black to Bill Zebane— and legends such as Ken Kesey, P.J. O'Rourke, Hunter Thompson and Tom Wolfe in between.

Go now. Take a cab or a tricyle, I don't care. Just go and beg, borrow or steal yourself a copy, 'cause I'm not selling or swapping mine. Like this book? Read online this: Rules of Thumb for Business Writers, Young Auctioneers or, The Polishing of a Rolling Stone.

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