The Blue Rider

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I always admired the work of Franz Marc so when I was
in Munich in 2005 naturally the Lenbachhaus museum was
on the list of things to do. The Blue Rider PDF EBook With great fortune there
was a Marc Retrospective in progress, which turned out
to be the largest display ever of works by Marc, a
real treasure!

Though this book was on sale there, I waited till
I got home to purchase it as a keepsake of that
memorable visit.Though at times I've scanned
through the pretty pictures, I just set about to
read it, and while expecting a bit doing my duty
dry art history, it turned out that the 70 pages
of text, hey but they are big pages, tell an
interesting tale of the creation of 'The Blaue Reiter'
which is what this group of artists called themselves,
Marc and Kandinsky being the most well known.

Following the story are 120 plates by
these various artists, as well as Munter, Klee,
Jawlensky and Macke to name a few. Each has an in
depth analysis. The plates are arranged by artist
chronologically and shows the progression
of the artist's style.
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