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Then they must have laid him down carefully, just as a mother lays her baby behind a bush when she goes to work in the fields. The Bound Man, And Other Stories PDF EBook - PDF The Bound Man

The sun's glare intimidates this man back to sleep's already went. The flies vulturing you should get used to. Someone has bound him. Arms cut, legs with restriction. He smiles that it must have been some children's prank. I don't know, but the ping pong to innocent or malice is right on schedule. Night will fall, adults laughing. The bound man is the bound man in taking his chances on cat's cradle dancing. A Bambi's grace orphaned. A circus animal-tamer discovers the helpless elephant on a feather in his slumber. Ladies and gentlemen! The crowds are wide eyed and go native for The Bound Man. The other entertainers aren't as entertained, or maybe there was an ember of pity in their schemes to free him. He is one with his rope, knows where he can end. At night the animal-tamer sends his wife to check on his bonds. In sleep his face could be her child villain turned cherubic. Free him. Summer won't last past the fall. She can sit beside this man who cannot touch her and feel closest to another door. His rope is his pack, his will. A wild wolf faces off with this imprisoned wild. What will he do when the crowd stampedes them with judging eyes, the animal-tamer's wife cuts the whip. Man without knowledge of his forest versus wolf in his own fur. What will the bound man do now. Aichinger sees his future as the snow falling over the past. I loved that. I could see an abandoned forest for him, no visibility.

He wanted to shriek, but could not. He wanted to stretch out his arms to help them, but his arms were immobilized over his head. He was young and handsome and beaming. He had won the game, but had to pay the price. He was immobilised in the middle of the day just as the dancers opposite were immobilised in the middle of the night; download; and, like them, he would submit helplessly to whatever was done to him; he would be no more able than they to push the man from his ladder. Perhaps it was all connected with the fact that he was unable to die. - The Advertisement
They are going away on journeys exactly like the ones in the posters. The old man is risking his agoraphobic life in seconds bubbles popping (sun spots style) to plaster over their livesnotlives. A mother and her little girl, happy like in pictures. She is twirling to spin her skirt to spin herself watching her skirt. This little girl smiles at the little boy in the false sea. The people on the edge of nothing yellow sand see a salty spraying sea. The man sees what is behind their backs, he is on their rung on his ladder. "Youth" is above his head. "Come with us!" The old man is obliterating his nightlife view with another tourist's promise. The little girl wants to dance with the boy now. He couldn't do anything else but smile if he didn't. So he wants to dance too. Would he be blown away by the sea, in the nowhere to go in his own land. Or would land be land and sea be sea and you could go away with them. They don't hear the bill-sticker muttering "You're not going to die". They, who is they (I can only picture trains and out of world) don't know the little girl was outside her mother's hand and died in dance. A tragic train accident. Midnight and midday. The witching hour happens twice a day. People in pictures, people in shadows.

Isle Aichinger has something I want. When I don't know what I want, amconsciousness tumored by my pain in the ass mood wants. I've probably pissed and moaned inarticulately about a certain kind of short story that ends with a "Ta-da!" punchline. "See?! I was right!" and I just want to say "But you geared the whole damn clock. Of course it was going to going to end when you said it would." Ilse Aichinger doesn't do this. When 'The Private Tutor' ends with "And he mistrusted grown-ups" it was how it was supposed to be in the giving in to the ghostly skin telling. The boy is alone in the apartment and he isn't to answer the door to anyone between his parents and his tutor. The beggar isn't a stranger by sight, how about an apple. He takes the apple without anything in him speaking to anything in the boy. Now the alone pleasure is beggared by empty. The tutor must be impatient over the tops of books, far away from where skies drive wind. But it's amazing, he wants to play a game. The noise we hear in the flat is the beggar! He is there, can't you hear him in threat. They've got him! In the mirror the man's fist is at him. Pale distortion. Door abstraction, the parents are home. Scream somewhere, it takes three men to take the tutor away. They had only wanted to play a boy says.

Writersnoonereads has a resourceful listing on their Aichinger entry on where to get her (tragically) hard to come by works. They really weren't kidding that most available are horror or ghost story type anthologies. They are, but they are so creepy because of the bent inside them. Not a "hook" of a story but a haunted melody in refrain. What if they were on another night, in a harmless elsewhere. In 'Moon Story' the most beautiful girl in the village a Russian doll. The next layer is bigger outer and finally the Earth, or the universe. Someone must think the moon is this because they can see it from where they look so small. If no one turns up then she must be the most beautiful. What if no one else was there then why would she need these men to judge her? I was all for that but she can't deal with this and sure enough a contender appears on a wish. The lunar tide's carry her weeds and her they were judged more beautiful than a weed flora. Ophelia's past eternity has its own gravity, a sadness that is beautiful in ache. If they switched places they could exchange halos. Or could they, if Ophelia stays behind on planet beautiful sadness and Miss Universe trails a train of beautiful sadnesses' watery funeral weeds. I always want to rail against something I can't actually rail against about "beautiful sadnesses". Someplace that is on planet nowhere that can't possibly get the satellite reception of what it looks like to anyone else. Ilse Aichinger somehow makes this closer to Ophelia's beyond and a longing to be with her, because it's not empty when it's someone else. In 'Ghosts on the lake' a woman fades away when she takes off her sunglasses. One day she kept her shades on when the sun went down and it would get it back on her. Like in 'The Bound Man', the summer cannot last. Will she fade away? I'm attracted to this time waiting to take it's chance on you when the symbolic beating is a pulse.

I had long since started fearing sleep like death. For what is death other than missing the angels? I would lie awake with staring eyes, waiting for the sound of their wings, for the silver in the air. I would creep to the window and gaze outside, but all I ever heard was the voices of drunks down below, and once I heard one of them call out "Hallelujah!" - Angel in the Night

They are young girls when bedtimes miss out and rise and shine steal between times. The older sister always says you always wake up too late, you missed the angels. You can just see the tips of their wings in the outside. Maybe they are the summer birds out of their time. Stillborn flight in windows. Maybe there is no heaven, only from where the pigeons drop.But maybe there is nothing but clouds in their rituals, no resurrections. Just this once. Once she will snow angel, tempting the heavenly bedtime. Will she miss out in the bright or blackouts?Once her sister is a stone angel made of snow. I didn't know that the angel she sees at long last is her sister's still body in their white courtyard. Her white smoke in chimneys, sky grounds. Keep them from leaving. The day of judgement is she has seen. It was the older sister only believing herself when her little sister believes. But all she can give her is "you sleep too late". And when she believes she only wants to keep them so that their expressions can convince her. Like this book? Read online this: Angel's Pain (Wings in the Night, #15), Bound by Love (Bound, #1).

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