The Bowl of Light

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As modern interest in indigenous wisdom grows, more and more spiritual seekers are turning to Hawaiian shamanism for its remarkable ability to reveal our inner divinity to us. The Bowl of Light PDF EBook With The Bowl of Light, paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD, provides a rare glimpse into the heart of this tradition as he unveils the teachings passed down to him from the great Kahuna elder, Hale Makua. Before his passing, this revered shaman and wisdom keeper granted Dr. Wesselman permission to share sacred spiritual knowledge seldom imparted to outsiders, including:

The "Bowl of Light" —the vessel for our divine essence and how we must care for it to sustain our natural radiance

The three directives of the spiritual warrior love with humility, live with reverence, and know with self- PDFdiscipline

Rare descriptions of rituals used by Hale Makua for communing with nature, receiving wisdom from the spirit world, purifying our consciousness, and more

The Ancestral Grand Plan exploring the path our ancestors set in motion millennia ago and how the Plan is playing out across the world today.

In the oceanic islands where the flow of primal energies has created unparalleled natural beauty, one of the world's most advanced spiritual cultures remains largely unknown to the West. With The Bowl of Light, Hank Wesselman offers a privileged and intimate view into the mind of an authentic Hawaiian kahuna for the time has finally come for the world to hear the wisdom that this profound tradition offers. Like this book? Read online this: The Light of Wisdom, Red Heart Bowl.

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