The Boy On A Black Horse

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Intrigued by the mysterious and angry Romany boy who joins her class, thirteen- PDFyear-old horse-crazy Gray finds that he shares her love of horses but harbors a dark secret of his own. The Boy On A Black Horse PDF EBook (synopsis via Amazon)

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I read this book for the first time 4 years ago for a project, but I remember just falling in love with not only the plot but the characters as well. And although the book has some shakes here and there, it’s a fantastic read. It’s really quite sad that not a lot of people have heard about this book.

​ download; The main protagonist in the story is Grace. The book does not give much detail about her physical appearance but, that is not where this book shines. The book truly shines in its ability to portray Chav as both a good person and ally to Grace but, also as an enemy and a very mysterious person who continues to be tormented by his past. The book doesn’t specifically have any antagonists but, you can consider Chav to be his own enemy as he is in his own way and preventing himself from being happy. His father is mentioned in the book and anything else I could mention about him would be spoilers.

I really liked the characters. My favorite being Gray. She’s caring but at times throughout the book vulnerable. I also Chav’s character.
The plot can be a tad melodramatic at times, especially to readers not used to it, but the story is very character driven meaning that with like able characters comes an excellent story. This book made such an impact on me and is so unforgettable. I recommend it so highly. I’ll definitely try to shove it on anyone I can.


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