The Boy Scout Handbook and Other Observations

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A fine collection of Fussell's short essays and book reviews. The Boy Scout Handbook and Other Observations PDF EBookAlways entertaining as he writes about Boswell, Waugh, Theroux, Nabokov, and Graham Greene (wondering if he can actually write English) among others.He takes apart the Time- PDFLife series on World War II, noting"they have earned their popularity by delivering a version of the war falsely dramatized and falsely cheerfulized."(225).He praises the Boy Scout Handbook as "something like a repository of classical ethics" where "the constant moral theme is the inestimatable benefits of looking objectively outward and losing consciousness of self in the work to be done."(6)The book also contains short essays that point to his wonderful book on class andto his book Wartime, on World War II.

In the book's last essay, "My War," he asks:
How did I pick up this dark, ironical, flip view of the war.Why do I enjoy exhibiting it?The answer is that I contracted it in the infantry, and I suspect I embraced it with special vigor once I found how it annoyed people who had not fought at close quarters in terrible weather and shot people to death and been hit by a shell from a German gun.My view of the war is a form of revenge.Indeed, the careful reader will have discerned in all the essays in this book a speaker who is really a pissed-off infantryman, disguised as a literary and cultural commentator.He is embittered that the Air Corps had beds to sleep in, that Patton's Third Army got all the credit, that non-combatants in the Medical Administrative and Quartermaster Corps wore the same battle-stars as he....These are this speaker's residual complaints while he is affecting to be annoyed primarily by someone's bad writing or slipshod logic or lazy editing or pretentious ideas." (254)It is good to listen to Paul Fussell's complaints. Like this book? Read online this: The Speaker's Quote Book , Scout.

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