The Brain Trust Program

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A leading neurosurgeon delivers a groundbreaking program for increasing brain function at any age. The Brain Trust Program PDF EBook

The brain, like the muscles, heart, and other organs, is made of flesh and blood and requires proper care to maintain its optimum state of wellbeing. In this remarkable prescription for brain health, Dr. Larry McCleary reveals not only how to forestall the effects of aging but also how to improve brain function.

Taking a unique metabolic approach in his scientifically- PDFbased program of prevention and regeneration, Dr. McCleary shows readers how to:

- Assess their risk for memory loss and other cognitive impairment
- Incorporate a comprehensive regimen of a brain-building diet, brain-specific supplements, mental (and physical) exercise, and stress reduction techniques to enhance memory, acuity, and clarity - Personalize the three-part Brain Trust program for a more dynamic brain from childhood to age 100
- Avoid surprising and common lifestyle pitfalls that may unknowingly damage brain cells
- Relieve or greatly reduce migraines, hot flashes, and hearing loss
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