The Cactus Eaters

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The Pacific Crest Trail stretches from Mexico to Canada, a distance of 2,650 grueling, sun- PDFscorched, bear-infested miles. The Cactus Eaters PDF EBook When Dan White and his girlfriend announced their intention to hike it, Dan's parents—among others—thought they were nuts. How could two people who'd never even shared an apartment together survive six months in the desert with little more than a two-person tent and some trail mix? But when these addled adventurers, dubbed "the Lois and Clark Expedition" by their benevolent trail-guru, set out for the American wilderness, the hardships of the trail—and one delicious-looking cactus—test the limits of love and sanity. Like this book? Read online this: The Traveler's Guide To The Lewis & Clark Trail, The Eagle on the Cactus.

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