The Camelot Chronicles

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I find that in general, a collection of short stories, based on a theme, will have two or three stories that reach me somehow, with the majority of the stories being mostly forgetable. The Camelot Chronicles PDF EBookThis collection is no exception.

I've read a fair amount of fiction and non- PDFfiction about the Camelot myths for research on various projects, so when I saw this book for sale on a library book sale table, I knew that I would find it interesting.However, only three of the stories (out of seventeen) have stuck with me since reading it.

The stories I particularly enjoyed are: "Blueflow" by Don Wilcox ... the story of a painter with a bit of a magic touch, thanks to Merlin; download; "The Romance of Tristan and Iseult" by Hilaire immensely readable, tragic tale; and "The Sad Wizard" by John T. Aquino which had a twist that I was expecting.

With authors such as Jane Yolen, Darrell Schweitzer, Phylliz Ann Karr, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Pyle, and others represented here, I did expect to really like more than just these three.Though I should add that having only mentioned three doesn't mean the others were 'bad' — they simply weren't as outstanding as the three I mention above.

An interesting collection.Very glad for the three stories that I really enjoyed, but wished more of the stories were of a better quality. Like this book? Read online this: Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories, The Return to Camelot.

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