The Case of the Black Pearl

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Thinking about Cannes in the south of France brings to mind warm, sunny days, blue skies, and sparkling water. The Case of the Black Pearl PDF EBookNot that I’ve ever been there, but those are the images I would list first if asked to describe it.Certainly murder, guns, knives, and all types of criminal activity wouldn’t make it to my list unless I wanted to follow an adventurer around.So up steps Patrick de Courvoisier, an Englishman who isn’t afraid to use his considerable skills to maintain his reputation as Le Limier, the fixer.Cannes, like every other city, has its darker side and searching for a missing beautiful young actress who has just made a splash in the movie The Black Pearl in the film festival will certainly expose the not- PDFfor-the-eyes-of-the-tourists parts of Cannes and the entire area.Patrick finds himself in all sorts of trouble and trying to figure out who he can trust might get him killed if he doesn’t work it out pretty quickly.

This is an adventure story with a very cosmopolitan feel partially because of the location and partially because it also gave me a hint of a James Bond type character.Not James Bond with all the fantastic devices of destruction, but the enigmatic male character with the ability to get himself out of danger.And finding out where de Courvoisier received that training is part of finding out who this mysterious man really is.I can understand the author holding him somewhat aloof in order to maintain his character, but it tended to keep me from being able to connect with him on a personal level and diminished my enjoyment of the novel somewhat.Also, the initial reason for Patrick becoming involved in all the criminal activity was resolved in a rather brief and unsatisfactory way.I would have liked a little more substance to the resolution of that plot line.So for me the novel was successful in introducing me to a new character that has promise for future exploits and in placing the story in an area which has a definite cachet of wealth and glamour.

I received an ARC of this novel through NetGalley.The opinions expressed are my own.
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