The Cat of Bubastes

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The sacred cat of Bubastes has accidentally been slain; download; now young Chebron must pay for the offense with his own life, as this is the law of the Pagans in Egypt, 1250 BC. The Cat of Bubastes PDF EBook Chebron, the son of a high Egyptian priest, flees for his life taking his sister Mysa, one of the household slaves Amuba and several companions with him. They escape through closely guarded Egyptian exits only to find themselves in unfamiliar and dangerous lands inhabited by a very different culture of people. Along the way, the roving band of refugees encounters and befriends a Hebrew girl, who exposes them to very strange ideas including the worship of "one true God." Like this book? Read online this: Learning to Worship as a Way of Life, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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