The Circus Goes to Sea

PDF EBook by Kate Klise

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Don’t Miss the Boat!

Sir Sidney’s Circus usually travels by train. The Circus Goes to Sea PDF EBook But one day a letter arrives from Flora Endora Eliza LaBuena LaPasta inviting the circus aboard the SS Spaghetti, a floating palace of elegance and entertainment. Who could resist?

One problem: Miss LaPasta does not want Barnabas Brambles to come aboard, because she has heard that he’s the meanest man alive. Sir Sidney, the nicest man alive, says that the entire circus will accept Miss LaPasta’s invitation, including Barnabas Brambles. But Leo the lion doesn’t like water. Elsa the elephant doesn’t know how to swim. Where will the Flying Banana Brothers put their trapeze? And hey, what’s that large object up ahead in the water?

You’ll never guess what happens when The Circus Goes to Sea. Like this book? Read online this: Yok-Yok What a Circus!, After the Circus.

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