The Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal

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"Heavy metal" was a very ambiguous concept in the seventies, basically a "you know it when you hear it" proposition, but certainly not a well- PDFdefined genre with its own tropes and standards. The Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal PDF EBook Sure, obvious bands like Sabbath, Zep, and Judas Priest were considered metal, but what about "heavy" genre-benders like Cheap Trick, Iggy and the Stooges, Lynyrd Skynyrd? Lucky for us, Martin Popoff sorts through all the ambiguity in this reverent and fascinating record guide, one of the best ever.

I used to own my share of Nazareth, West-Bruce-& download; -Laing, and Rick Derringer LP's. So I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about this seventies obscuro-metal stuff. Nope. This book opens up worlds upon worlds. For example, who knew that Brian Johnsonfronted a decent pub-metal band called Geordie prior to taking Bon Scott's place? Or that Lou Gramm (born Louis Grammatico, is that not the coolest?) used to sing for a balls-to-the-wall band named Black Sheep... on CHRYSALIS RECORDS.

But that's just the trivia — Popoff does a bang-up job of rehabilitating the usual "dustbin-of-hipster-history" bands like Styx, Kiss, and Uriah Heep, and his surprisingly catholic tastes fit in some glam (Queen) and punk (Buzzcocks, Dictators) as essential seventies "heavy metal" works. Plus lots of cool LP covers and a fascinating grading system (one score for heaviness, another for how much Popoff likes the album). Sure, you can quarrel with the omission of Jethro Tull and the inclusion of Grand Funk, but even there he gives you his reasons: he was a hilariously gonzo writer even back in his thirties. My favorite quote (referring to the 1978 Peter Criss solo album): "but he had the most guns, and logically therefore, gun incidents."

Comes with a decent CD of rarities, including a Minneapolis metal band called Cain, featuring Joe Soucheray! Like this book? Read online this: Heavy Metal Hearts and Flowers, The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time.

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