The coming of dark

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A psychological, paranormal thriller with a backdrop of mystery. The coming of dark PDF EBook

Troy Dance, a police detective, is attacked when he is caught filming the murder of his informant by a local crime boss.A gunfight ensues and Troy is critically injured.He is rescued moments before he passes out.

Troy is a child again.He begs his dad to let him go see his friend Jamie.He has a feeliing that something terrible has happened.With the prompting of his mother his dad agrees to let him go.

The house looks vacant, and scary.Troy almost runs away, but then thinks better of it.The front door is locked so he climbs through the kitchen window.He hears a noise upstairs and follows the sound.He walks into the bathroom to find Jamie dead in the bathtub.At first he sees that Jamie's throat has been slashed, but on second look it's Jamie's wrists.Jamie has committed suicide.Troy rushesdown the stairs and out the front door.

Troy wakes up from a coma seven weeks after his attack.His mental facilities are intact, but he has lost the use of his legs.

Troy does not handle his paralysis very well and takes out his anger, frustration on Trina, his wife of a year and a half.
He becomes paranoid that she will leave him because of his handicap.

Trina goes to Tommy Waters, Troy's best friend and former partner, to see if he can help Troy to deal with his handicap.

When talking to Troy seems to do no good Tommy begins to look into the suicide of Troy's friend Jamie to see if it might have something to do with some of the anger Troy has been displaying.
What he finds is very disturbing.

Amid all the negative emotions that keep hammering Troy he discovers a remarkable power that he never knew he had.Soon, Trina and Tommy will find out the true power and madness that Troy has become. Like this book? Read online this: The Story of Troy, Dark Eclipse #4 - The Dark Moon Digest e-Monthly.

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