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Adorned with gripping cover art by Man Ray and translated by renowned scholar Dr. The Complete Marquis de Sade PDF EBook Paul J. Gillette, this dramatic collection of de Sade writings includes "Justine," "Juliette," "120 Days of Sodom," "Philosophy In The Bedroom" and many works often scattered among "pastiche" versions of de Sade� download; s oeuvre.

Free of the author�s repetitions, polemics and syntactically complex 18th century phrases, this edition captures the drama of de Sade�s forays into human sexuality � including such practices as voyeurism, fetishism, and, most famously, sadism. Vilified by critics in the 1800s as "Monstrous… depraved… An odious book by an even more odious man," de Sade�s depiction of his personal adventures has been studied and enjoyed by readers in light of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Readers will also discover a mind as free as de Sade�s adventures were uninhibited, for he discusses natural evolution 25 years before Darwin�s birth; postulates the existence of the unconscious mind a century before Sigmund Freud; and probes social mores decades before the work of Margaret Mead. He also espouses political ideas that were put into practice by such diverse figures as Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Fidel Castro.

Born into French nobility in 1740, Marquis de Sade continues to open minds to new human experience more than 250 years later � in this dramatic new release from Holloway House Publishing.

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